I’ve received several Klout Perks and usually they’re pretty cool, but the Falling Skies stuff is getting a bit out of hand. A FedEx truck just pulled up to deliver what appears to be an index card printed with a fake missing kid profile along with a big card printed with a letter from @JoeFernandez telling me to “enjoy” my perk. I don’t even know what it is. Last time, it was the same big card telling me to “enjoy” and what appeared to be a small piece of fabric that said 2nd Mass. Via FedEx. In a truck. Using gas. To bring this stuff to my house.


Can I unsubscribe from just this Perk?

On a side note, I also got a black leather portfolio from the TNT show Franklin & Bash. Now we’ve got a season pass on the TiVo and we’re really enjoying that show this season.


I don’t know…I don’t think a room full of Slave Leia’s would be all that bad.



My wife would have you believe that all these things were done by just me every 60 seconds.


Microsoft is that scene from Reservoir Dogs. Thanks Business Insider for the morning laugh. Where would you like to work most?

When Hitler tries to grok some math-y things, he get’s really frustrated.


Foodmatters.tv has some pretty enlightening photos of what families around the world eat in a week. If you’re in a developed country (like the US) chances are, you could stand to eat a bit less processed food and a few more veggies. Also, in Mexico, that’s a lot of 2L Coke bottles in the back there.


Click through to see a really awesome photo set of sharks being sharks.


Come over to the Dark Side. We have coffee.