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This blog used to be over at Posterous. But they got bought by Twitter and Posterous is being shut down. Which is a bummer because I liked Posterous. Anyways, I moved this blog over here and realized it’s been since late 2011 since I posted anything. I figured blogging may be something I’d be into starting up again. After all, since that last post, there’s been a lot happen. We shut down a startup, sold our house, moved to San Diego, got a great job at hot San Diego startup ecoATM, started building a house, and a few other big deal type things that I’ll probably save for a different post.

Anyways, my plan is to post sporadically when the mood strikes about my kids, my job, startups, marketing, San Diego, food…whatever.

Any bets on how long this lasts?


Don’t worry. We’re working to fix them.

I get a lot of random emails from BranchOut. Well, I get a lot of random emails from lots of products because I'm a junkie who signs up for EVERYTHING. So this morning I'm clearing out my inbox trying to get rid of some of the 7,346 unread emails and I click over to BranchOut to change my email settings. And what the hell is going on there? No wonder I get so many emails from them. Apparently, they'll mail twice if nothing happens.


You can’t unsee this once you watch it. You’ve been warned.

Hat tip to @technosailor.


Hat tip to the always funny @omgskr.

WARNING: This cat drops some f-bombs in his song, so headphones on before you blast this in the office.

Maybe my own cat wouldn’t be so fat and lazy if we took her up into space.


There have been days I’ve felt like this.