I’ve received several Klout Perks and usually they’re pretty cool, but the Falling Skies stuff is getting a bit out of hand. A FedEx truck just pulled up to deliver what appears to be an index card printed with a fake missing kid profile along with a big card printed with a letter from @JoeFernandez telling me to “enjoy” my perk. I don’t even know what it is. Last time, it was the same big card telling me to “enjoy” and what appeared to be a small piece of fabric that said 2nd Mass. Via FedEx. In a truck. Using gas. To bring this stuff to my house.


Can I unsubscribe from just this Perk?

On a side note, I also got a black leather portfolio from the TNT show Franklin & Bash. Now we’ve got a season pass on the TiVo and we’re really enjoying that show this season.