Well, it didn't really follow us home, but it ended up at our house. It was running around a busy intersection a few miles away when we passed it on our way home from the dog park. I hopped out and it ran away towards the street. Not wanting it to get caught in a badly ending game of Frogger, we chased it across the street into a neighborhood. Then it ran. So I ran. For over a half hour. A guy on a bike and a high school kid joined in. And we ran. And ran. And ran. Finally, it tired out and lied down in a corner where my wife drove up in the car and walked over and picked it up. So after I'd been running down this dog for about 40 minutes, my son says, "Yeah! Mommy saved the dog!"

Anyway, if you lost a dog over on Curtner near Wallenberg park, it's at the rescue center over on Monterrey Highway.