I was followed by a social media expert on Twitter yesterday. She seems legit. She's got a website called which sounds very expert-y. She says she's a social media expert in her Twitter bio so she must know what she's talking about.  She has 2535 followers to support her claim of experty-ness. 

Only problem? She's never tweeted. Her link sells you FOUR, not one, but FOUR, products guaranteed to help you make money on Twitter. Psst…secret…Here's how to make money on Twitter, sell secrets on how to make money on Twitter to suckers.

Social Media Consultants, Gurus, Experts, D-bags, and others, this is what's wrong with Social Media as an "industry." For every legitimate practitioner out there who knows what they are doing and can help companies solve real business problems, there are two people like this who make everyone look bad.