It feels like I just wrote a post like this a few months ago.  What’s that?  Oh yeah…I did.  And while things didn’t turn out the way I’d imagined they would, I’ve come to learn that things happen for a reason.  We just don’t always know the reason.  My dad used to say that you fall in a pile of shit, you’ll come out smelling like a rose.  Wise.  Not very eloquent.  But wise.

I’m pleased to announce that starting on Monday, I’ll be joining the team at as VP of Marketing.  “Wait…what?  Who?” you ask.  Both good questions.  Bizzy is building a platform that allows businesses to build and nurture relationships with their customers.  When you think about where small business marketing dollars go, most of it is to new customer acquisition–yellow pages, newspaper, SEM, etc.  But for most small businesses, the only tools they have for customer retention and engagement are email lists or Facebook pages or Twitter.  The problem with these channels is that they come out of context.  Most people go to Facebook to catch up with their friends, but how many people go to Facebook hoping to see notices from the places they shop in their timeline?  It’s not the right place.  So Bizzy is building a place where businesses and their customers can connect.  If Facebook is for your social graph and LinkedIn is for your professional graph, you can think of Bizzy as being for your commercial graph.

Bizzy hit a couple of key points for things I was looking for.  First of all, it’s in a space I love.  You may remember a few years back that my business partner Jonathan and I gave a go at a startup called Neighborsville.  We didn’t make it, but I still believe in the idea.  And Bizzy is approaching the problem of how small businesses connect with their customers in a way that’s very similar to how we imagined it.  I’ve put a lot of time, thought, and energy into looking at this problem and believe that with Bizzy, we’ll have a good chance of solving it.

Second, Bizzy is the right size.  I think I’ll be employee 14 or something like that and will have the opportunity to build out the marketing team over time.  It’s not brand new as they’ve already launched in one market, but it’s still very early which is exactly what I was hoping to find.  It will be a great opportunity to push some substantial growth very quickly.

Lastly, I liked the team.  Bizzy is wholly owned by ReachLocal.  I worked with some of the guys at ReachLocal briefly when we were working on Neighborsville and they know the challenges faced by small local business owners as well as anyone.  This team is talented, smart, energetic, and passionate about what they’re doing and I’m excited to come on board.

So my brief stint of funemployment draws to a close.  Thanks to everyone who helped me out by passing along leads or providing introductions.  Job searches are hard and I’m lucky to have good friends willing to help.  Starting Monday, it’s back to it.  I’m looking forward to working on something big again.