We're running a little experiment over at IdolStats.com to see if we can use social media to predict who will get voted off American Idol each week.  We're using Biz360 Community to look at tweets, forums and blog posts and see how much conversation there is around each remaining contestant and whether that conversation is positive or negative.  Looking at as many forum posts and tweets as I have today, trust me when I say there are some serious nut jobs out there watching this show.  But every now and then, you run across some smack that's just epic.  Like this smack about Tim Urban:

Even singing in tune, he's just so mayo on white bread. He's like the whitest guy who ever whited. He makes Pat Boone sound like the lead singer for P-Funk All Stars.

Pat Boone smack FTW.

Runner up:

I am sorry, but Aaron has less range than an Iranian camel-based ICBM