We’re hiring a product manager.  So I spent some time thinking about what the ideal candidate would look like and put together a list of things that I’d need for them to have.  This is just me, but if you want to add in the comments things you think make an ideal product manager, I’d love your thoughts.  Anyways, on with the list…

  • Someone who understands social media.  
  • Someone who sees the business value of Twitter and could explain it in a way their Mom would understand.  
  • Someone who likes metrics and understands how they can impact a business.  
  • Someone who knows something about how businesses and customers interact online.  
  • Someone who knows how to simplify things.  
  • Someone who understands how startups develop product.  
  • Someone who thinks creatively about how to solve problems.  
  • Someone who sees things from the point of view of the customer.  
  • Someone who knows how to work closely with engineers.  
  • Someone who knows how to write a user story.  
  • Someone who knows what the following things mean:  MVP (hint: it has nothing to do with sports), Agile, customer development, lean startup. 
  • And preferably, they’d be smarter than me.

If I could find a product manager who fits that description, I’d be pretty happy.  So if you know anyone, the best way to introduce them to me would be for them to send me an @ message on Twitter with a hello and a link.  And no, it doesn’t have to be a link to a LinkedIn profile.  A blog or portfolio or a Hi, I’m page would be awesome.  If you know anyone, I’d love to meet them.