Yesterday, the fine folks over at Read/Write Web posted an article about how Facebook wants to be your one true login.  It’s a fine post, but that’s not why I’m blogging about it.  It appears that for a while, it was ranking as the top news result on Google for the phrase “facebook login” (it’s since dropped a few notches).  Apparently, there are quite a few Facebook users who go to Google and search for “facebook login” when they want to go to Facebook.  So when they clicked the link to the RWW post, they were naturally confused.  RWW uses Facebook Connect for comments, so these lost souls clicked the Facebook button and logged in, but instead of being at Facebook, they were now ready to comment on the RWW post.  And comment they did…

Click here for the funniest comment thread you will ever read in your life.

These are your users.