Well, it’s official. I’ve got a new job. Starting Thursday, I’ll be the new VP of Marketing for Biz360, a social media monitoring and analytics company. Biz360 helps companies track who is saying what about their brand online and provides rich reporting to help make sense of the data.

Why Biz360? The first reason is the team. Biz360 has done a great job assembling a top notch team of veterans who are passionate about what they’re doing. That passion came through in my very first interview. These people know social media and are committed to creating products that add real value for businesses. I’m especially excited to begin working with the Biz360 marketing team, Maria and Tam.

The second reason is that it’s in a space that I love. I’ve been a part of social media, and specifically what it means for product and marketing, for several years. Having the opportunity to join a company who gets it the way Biz360 does was too good to pass up. And their products are something I wish I’d had over the past few years (just try doing a Twitter search for “hi im”. See what I mean?). Biz360 solves a real problem for real businesses and I’m excited to be part of that solution.

So, at long last, I think I’ve found I’ve found a home. It’s been a blast working with and getting to know everyone in the startup and social media communities over the past few years and I’m looking forward to continuing those relationships in my new role. You have all taught me a ton. Thanks for your sharing your knowledge and expertise, support, encouragement, advice, reality checks, and the occasional smack upside the head.

See you Thursday, @Biz360!

Which reminds me…don’t forget to follow @Biz360 on Twitter 😉