On Sunday, I’m running the Royal Victoria Marathon to raise money to help fight cancer.  I’ll be running 26.2 miles in honor of my friends Drew, Ellen, Todd and Carlos who are winning their battles and in memory of our team mate Katie Reich, who used to run with us, who lost her fight against cancer last year.  I’m about $1,300 away from my goal of raising $3,800.  You can help by making a donation here.  I’ll do all the running.

And while I’m proud of the money we’re raising–our Silicon Valley Team In Training team has collectively raised over $300,000 this summer--Drew Carey is really upping the ante.  On Saturday, @drew announced that he was going to auction off his Twitter name to raise money for Livestrong.  Almost immediately, Drew Carey (@drewfromtv) jumped in with a $25k bid.  Then, just a day or so later, he upped his bid to $100k if he could get 100,000 followers by November 9.  So far, he’s added almost 40,000 new followers and is now up over 50,000.  The 100k is well within reach.

So while that’s all going well, @drewfromtv upped his bid AGAIN today.  The new challenge is 1 million followers by midnight, December 31.  And his new pledge is $1 MILLION.  That buys a lot of research.  

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So now there are two really easy ways for you to help us find a cure. First, you can donate a few bucks (sponsoring $1 per mile is only $26.20) and let me do all the running on Sunday.  Your job is to just sit on your couch and watch football knowing you’re helping the fight against cancer.  Then, while you’re still just sitting on your couch watching football, go follow @drewfromtv on Twitter.  That’s a lot of good you can do while sitting on the couch.

Thanks for your help.