Seems like once a day I have one of those “Aha!” moments when I have some idea that I think would make a great blog post.  And once a day, I don’t write that post.  I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m not a good blogger.  Good bloggers have the ideas and then…wait for it…ACTUALLY WRITE THE POSTS!  So in the spirit of not writing blog posts, here are three blog posts I’m not writing.  Feel free to vote in the comments for any you like and I may get around to it someday.  Or not.

1.  Fractals and New Product Development

MirrorMask dvdrip

Fractals are geometric patterns where each iteration is a smaller version of the one before it.  When we think of product development, we can use fractals as a model for figuring out how to build features and how to prioritize that development based on customer development principles.

2.  Why San Diego Has the Best Tech Social Scene

I live in Silicon Valley.  Most of the events and parties that I end up at (which aren’t many) are somehow tech related.  Tweetups, Meetups, Happy Hours…you know the drill.  But there’s something about the scene in San Diego that I love.  We just got back from a trip down there and had the good fortune to meet up with some San Diego tech people at the Del Mar Racetrack.  Good time had by all.  It could be the people, could be the weather, could be the events, or it could just be the vibe.  In any case, San Diego’s tech scene is great. 

3.  What Is Influence?

When you work with startups like we do, one of the keys for getting your product to market is who your early adopters are and the level of influence that they have in their communities.  But what makes a person influential?  It’s not just the number of Twitter followers they have.  There’s something inherent about influential people that allows them to share what they know and

get others to act on that.

So there are three ideas.  I’ve got lots of thoughts on them and may get around to writing them up.  Any that you’re interested in?  I’m taking suggestions.

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