As both of my loyal readers may know (hi Mom!), I’m currently training for the Royal Victoria Marathon in October to raise money for cancer research.  I’m running for my friends Drew, Ellen, Todd, and our team’s honorees who have beat or are currently fighting cancer.

Today, I’m excited to let you know that I’ve got some help in that mission.  John Frenette of Hellasound is donating 50% of all sales of his awesome running music to the cause.  Hellasound produces custom running tracks that match your cadence.  Each track is a half hour long and is customized to your stride.  If the shuffle mix on your iPod were a weekend jogger, Hellasound is Kenyan.  It’s that awesome.  I get faster just listening to it at my desk.  But seriously, having music that matches your cadence keeps your pace up and drags you along when you feel like slowing down.  Each track is $5 bucks and $2.50 of that is going to help people who are fighting cancer.  


So if you’re a runner, you can do something good for yourself and do something good for others too.  To get your customized running track, just go to and use the coupon code TNTRYAN when you check out.  John, thanks for your support!

If you don’t happen to be a runner, you can still help.  It’s super easy to donate online.  Just click here and give till hurts.  Because no matter how much it hurts, it’s not worse than chemo.