Today on Silicon Alley Insider’s Business Insider, Nicholas Carlson has a slide show on the 10 types of ads that people hate the most.Coming in at #5 is “banner next to logo.”  Ironically, SAI happens to run a “banner next to logo” ad in their masthead.  Today, it was for Range Rover.  At #8 is “hidden close button.”  This makes it hard for users to close the expanding ad and get back to their task.  Also ironically, the Range Rover ad was an expanding ad.  To open it, you roll over (which often leads to unintentional expansions for the reader and gives false engagement numbers for the advertiser), and to close it, the instructions say just to roll out.  Well, rolling out didn’t work (I was able to launch Skitch and upload a screen shot without it closing) plus as an added bonus, it left the ad open not just on that page, but on every subsequent page.  Technically the close button is not really hidden, but it doesn’t work, so it has the same effect.


So all on one page, SAI provided a beautiful demonstration of not one, but TWO kinds of ads that people hate most.  Probably not the best way to illustrate your point.  But hey, at least they made some money off of it.