I headed out for my first run in a few months.  The startup lifestyle doesn’t leave a lot of time for running.  It’s something I need to work to make the time for.  I ran three miles today in around 29 minutes.  The official training season starts in June, but I want to start getting out at least a few times per week to try to build up a base for when the training starts. 

The run felt good today.  I’m coming off a back injury and was a bit concerned, but the pain wasn’t too bad.  I did stop for a bit about half way through when I ran into an old friend from Yahoo.  Overall, pace felt good, if a bit slow, but I ran negative splits which I was proud of (9:55, 9:44, 9:04).  Hopefully after a few weeks, I’ll have the splits down under 9 minutes for a three mile run.

I’m running the Royal Victoria Marathon in October to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  If you can spare a few dollars, I’d love your help