Retweeting is a way for Twitter users to share fun, interesting or useful tweets with their networks. Typically they take the form of “RT @somename Some message and maybe a link” where @somename is the person who originally tweeted it. Many of the Twitter clients have built in simple retweet features that let you construct a message with a single click, but the only way to do it on the web interface at was to copy and paste the message into the box at the top and add the RT.

But that maybe changing soon. Today, while searching for tweets about my neighborhood, I rolled over one of the recent tweets and a random bunch of RT links showed up:


It only happened on that one tweet.  None of the others had it.  I checked my main feed to see if any other tweets had it and only one did:


So I clicked the RT link to see what happened and sure enough, it popped a new window with a RT formatted message there for me.


Is Twitter going to be launching a RT link soon?  Looks like it’s a high probability.  This is a good thing.  Twitter has traditionally lagged behind the clients in introducing new features.  They just added search to the main page earlier this week.  But if they start incorporating some of the best ideas that developers are coming up with, they’ll probably increase usage of their own web interface, keeping more people on the site, and, if the theory is right, helping them make even more money when (or if) the finally decide to do so.

Feel free to RT this 😉


5 minutes later and it looks like every tweet has the links now.  So much for a top secret discovery.