As both of my loyal readers (Hi, Mom!) probably know, we’re working on a project that will let neighbors share and discover information about what’s going on in their neighborhood.  Lately, we’ve be

en thinking a lot about how that would be reflected in design and branding.  To help get the creative juices flowing, I asked the kind-hearted and exceptionally brilliant folks on Twitter and Facebook what words they associated with “neighborhood.”  The most common response?  Mr. Rogers.  It’s not really what we’re looking for, but the other replies were terrific.  The award for the most obscure cultural reference goes to @FuMikeChu for “Levittown,” the first planned community in the US.  Mike was also a Mr. Rogers fan.  So after removing Mr. Rogers for aesthetic reasons (it was disproportionately huge) I’ve collected the rest here in a Wordle.

What about you?  What words do you associate with neighborhoods?

Dragon Heat aka Dragon Squad divx