On Super Bowl Sunday, the world watched in horror as Jack Box got hit by a bus in front of an audience of 100 million. Jack Box is the charismatic chairman of Jack In The Box who brought joy to the world with such fast food innovations as two tacos for $.99.

The events of the day have been chronicled on a Jack In The Box site providing news conferences, interviews, and video updates of Jack’s progress. Jack Box has also been twittering under the name @jackbox.  As of this morning, the most recent post on the blog was an interview with Jack’s second in command, Phil, (in which something doesn’t smell right) stamped at 10:13am.

The blog has a twitter badge pointing to the @jackbox Twitter account whose most recent tweet

Shanghai Noon hd

was from about 9am PST and allegedly posted by Jack’s assistant, Beth:

On behalf of Jack and his family I’d like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support.

But wait!  There’s another Twitter account!  @hangintherejack first posted at 6:54pm the night of the Super Bowl with a request for supporters to visit a Jack In The Box store in lieu of sending flowers.  @hangintherejack has only 47 followers compared to 2,174 for @jackbox and there is no mention of @hangintherejack on the Jack In The Box blog.

In a surprise twist, at 9:32am pst this morning, @hangintherejack reported that Jack Box had died.  There is no word on Jack’s death on either the Jack In The Box blog or from the @jackbox account.

Is Jack dead?  There’s been no word from Jack In The Box as of yet and neither @jackbox nor the Jack In The Box blog have commented.

Did Jack get brandjacked?  Has he been thrown under the bus by an opportunistic Twitterer?  Did Jack’s crack marketing team miss a step by failing to grab the @hangintherejack Twitter account?  What is the truth about Jack?

Stay tuned for more puns as we track the story here.