There’s a social media metaphor buried in there.

Our hero Jim, has a message for his wife. But due to his unfortunate circumstances, he can’t deliver it to her. He needs to rely on his friends to spread that message. Here’s the metaphor: You are Jim. Your audience is Jim’s wife.

Only by letting others pass along his message is Jim able to get word to his wife. “But she thinks he rubs birds,” you’re saying to yourself, “That’s not his message!”

Exactly, which is where the take away is. Poor Jim’s not around to monitor the message, but you are. Pay attention to what people are saying about your brand. Who is passing your message around? Who is listening to it? How are they changing it? What do they like about it? Are people talking about you on blogs or on Twitter or on Facebook?

Be involved. Provide your customers with the channels to spread your message for you. And listen to what they are saying as your message spreads. Not only will your message reach your audience, you’ll get smarter along the way. Otherwise, people will think you rub birds.

Thanks to for the cartoon.

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