I ran a little test yesterday on Facebook Ads. I wanted to see what kind of response we’d get to an ad for the Purple People Collective targeted to people who work for Yahoo. I set up the ad and the targeting in the morning and set it to run just for the day. The add was approved around 3pm and ran until midnight. It got 3,766 impressions and 18 clicks for a CTR of .48%. Not bad. It cost me $3.44. Total time spent setting everything up was about a half hour, then a few hours waiting for the ad to be approved.


Now for the other half of the story. This morning, we posted a :30 second video of Jonathan doing Kung Fu in the Koombea office. I threw the link out to Twitter. Less than two hours later, showed that there had been over 40 clicks through to the Koombea blog. I have no idea how many impressions it generated, so I have no way of knowing a CTR or anything, but our cost was zero and total time spent was a few minutes.


Final results: The Facebook ad took a few hours and generated 18 clicks in a day for a cost of $3.44. Twittering about a guy doing kung fu in an office took a few minutes, cost nothing and generated 44 clicks to our site.

It’s not an apples to apples comparison, I know, and there are a ton of other variables involved and it’s very unscientific. But the takeaway for me is that if your traffic acquisition strategy focuses exclusively on ad buys, you’re missing a big piece of the pie.

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