It started like any other. Lots of coffee, some email, some Twitter, some FriendFeed. Some QT with the feed reader catching up on the news. Dropping my son off at preschool. But then it got interesting.

A few weeks back, we launched the Purple People Collective to help laid off tech workers find jobs. Today, Mashable did a post on us after we hit our 100th job listing and the response was awesome. Watching the tweets and retweets this morning was a ton of fun and seeing people talk about the work we’d done was awesome.

So that was cool. And then…

Cork’d got hacked. Which is interesting, but not really personally interesting for me. UNTIL… Gary Vee put out a tweet asking for help with some Rails coding. Well, we happen to have some awesome Rails guys, so I let Gary know that not only do we have Rails guys, but we’d prefer whuffie instead of cash.

Now Gary loves whuffie and he’s got this amazing ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive, so what did he do? He did what he always does and he made a video. And it’s a good one.  He really brought the thunder. And he called out my tweet in his video. Plus a link to my tweet which is introducing me to a lot of new people (hi everyone).

So, Gary, thanks for the shout out. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to work with you if you still need that Rails help.

And now the day is ending and I’m heading home to help put the kids to bed and have a glass of wine with my wife. But damn, it’s been fun.