My friend Jennifer raved about Blogo over on Mashable last week. Seeing as I’m a poor excuse for a blogger, I figure that anything that makes it easier for me to blog is a good thing.

I like the simple interface, but I’m still not sure about a desktop blogging client. Usually when I write a post, I have my WordPress editor open in one tab and all the links I’m including in other tabs then just tab back and forth while I’m writing. I haven’t decided how well that works when my editor is outside of my browser.

I do like the editor though. It’s incredibly simple and easy to use. The set up to get it working with my blog took exactly 4 seconds. I haven’t figured out how to put in trackbacks yet though. We’ll see if it does it automagically for me.

I figure I’ll give it a go for the trial period and if I LOVE it the way Jennifer does, might drop the cash for the license, but for $25, it might not be the right solution for casual bloggers like me.