So last week, my friend Jennifer “tagged” me in a post called 7 Things You May or May Not Know About Me.  She was “tagged” by Aaron Strout (a fellow Georgetown Hoya) who was tagged by, ugh…never mind.  The idea is that you write a post about…well, you can probably guess…then you “tag” seven other people who are supposed to write the same post.  It’s the blogger equivalent of a chain letter.  Although I was never threatened with eternal damnation or my puppy dying if I didn’t pass it along.Normally, I’m not much for memes.  I delete the emails that say pass it to all your friends.  I don’t accept the Facebook apps that want to tell me how much my friend thinks I’m worth (although I have to admit to being curious to find out).  I generally ignore Tad’s Memes on FriendFeed.  But I’ve been busy and it’s been a week since I posted anything here and, frankly, I had no other ideas.So, without further adieu, here are seven things you may or may not know about me…

  1. I started my first business in second grade.  Mr. Klass (cool name for a teacher) gave out points for good behavior that you could trade for prizes.  I made a reusable point sheet in Print Shop and laminated it so you could write on it with a wipe off marker.  Everyone wanted one.  So I sold them for points.  I was rich.
  2. I got an 800 on my Math SAT.  I do not believe that this is a reflection of my genius, but rather a random statistical fluke that a few of the questions I guessed on happened to go my way.  Still, it’s pretty cool.
  3. I have broken, sprained, or had surgery on every finger on both hands.  I was a goalie on my high school soccer team and an attack on my high school lacrosse team.  Between the two of them, plus assorted random skiing accidents, I did a lot of damage to my hands when I was a kid.
  4. I have been a founder, or co-founder, of three businesses since I graduated from college twelve years ago.  None of them have led to my having a private jet or attending TED conferences.  Yet.
  5. My favorite band is Oingo Boingo.  Their best album is Dark at the End of the Tunnel.  We used to pilgrimage every year up to the Dia de los Muertos concert they’d do at Irvine Meadows and think we were cooler than the posers who thought the Halloween shows were the good ones.  I had tickets to their final show ever, but couldn’t go because I was living in Washington, D.C.  Now I listen mostly to country and sports talk radio.
  6. When I worked for Vodafone, my wife and I very nearly moved to Dusseldorf, Germany.  I was working there three weeks a month.  We had an apartment picked out and everything–only instead of moving us, they laid off our entire group.  Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to have had a number of international jobs which have afforded me the privilege of traveling around the world and meeting a ton of fascinating people.  My favorite trips were London, Singapore, and India.
  7. My most ambitious DIY project was building a fort in the back yard for my kids.  My dad drove up from San Diego with his power tools and we spent a weekend creating a two story fort with a slide, a swing and a sandbox.  I also built the shelves in our garage.  I still do not consider myself “handy.”

So there you have it.  Seven things you may or may not know about me.  Now, if I understand the meme rules, I need to tag seven people, but screw it, I’m only tagging six.  Who knows if they’ll play?

Here’s what you do:  Write a post, link back to this one, tag seven more people, come comment here when you’re done.  So easy, even I was able to figure it out (except for the “seven” part).