Kara’s got the inside scoop that the next round of Yahoo layoffs are coming on Wednesday.  I suppose I’m not all that surprised that Silicon Alley Insider has reprised my layoff tweets.  I’m hoping that Henry doesn’t get the axe (or anyone else for that matter), but it’s going to be inevitable that a lot of talented people are going to be out of work at a pretty crappy time to be out of work.

Since I got laid off, I partnered with Jonathan Tarud to start Neighborsville.com.  We’re working our asses off to get it built and launched.  We continue to make progress, but without millions of VC dollars in the bank, we’re focusing on cash flow right now to keep the kidlets fed.  To support our startup habit, we’ve started picking up clients to help with web application development and startup, marketing, and social media consulting.  We’ve got a team of developers in lovely Barranquilla, Colombia ready to get to work if you’ve got a development project you need to get done quickly.  It’s not as cheap as China or India, but the time zone is Eastern Standard, which makes working together a hell of a lot easier.  And I’m available if you think an ex-Yahoo marketer might be able to help you work through your marketing strategies and to figure out how the social web plays into your business.

In the meantime, we’ve started slowly releasing features to our first neighborhood on Neighborsville.  Most of our time right now is being spent building out our core functionality.  We think that we’ve got a unique solution to connecting hyperlocal communities.  And if you happen to be an angel investor with some seed money burning a hole in your pocket, we’d love to hear from you Barabba dvd .

Yahoos, even if you’re expecting it, it’s still going to sting.  There’s no getting around that.  I know a lot of you and you guys are creative, smart, talented people.  There’s something better out there, you can bank on it.  If you want to catch up, drop me a note.

God speed and good luck.