Over on Being Peter Kim, Peter has a pretty significant list of companies jumping on the social media bandwagon.  There are some great examples that he’s got listed, including Absolut’s Top Bartender on Facebook, a host of programs from Intel, and Jet Blue’s Twitter Account (which I previously wrote about here).

But there are also a few that I question such as the Wear Dated Carpet Fan Page

on Facebook.  There’s even a Kleenex social network for sharing videos of people sneezing, which I admit is kind of clever.

Just because it exists, doesn’t mean you have to use it!  Not all companies should Twitter.  Using social media is just like using any other marketing channel.  You need to make sure that it addresses the needs of your audience and most of all, adds value to their experience.

A social media strategy needs to start with a real business problem to be solved and be crafted to address that problem.  Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.

Looking at Peter’s list, which programs do you think do it well and which do you think are lacking?

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