A strange thing happened to me today…I became Taiwanese.Well, not really, but Yahoo seems to think so. The big news out of Yahoo today was that they finally launched their new profile pages. I clicked over to profiles.yahoo.com to set mine up. Everything started just fine. It asked me a few questions like my name and birthday, but when I hit submit, everything went haywire…it routed me over to Yahoo! Taiwan.  And I can’t figure out how to get back to English. The domain is correct and there’s no language code in the URL.Don’t get me wrong, I love Yahoo! Taiwan.  Yahoo! pretty much IS the internet in Taiwan.  Yahoo! Kimo is the dominant player over there.  I even spent a good bit of time over there when I worked for Yahoo and have a few good friends from Yahoo Taiwan I still keep in touch with (Hi, Kurt and Joann!).  But I don’t speak a word of Chinese.  Anyone else seeing the same problem?