I imagine that I’m like a lot of voters when I say that I’m thoroughly unimpressed with ANYONE involved in this whole mess.  Republicans blame Democrats.  Democrats blame Republicans.  Everyone blames Bush.   McCain blames Obama.  Obama blames McCain. Everyone blames everyone else.

You know what, Mr. and Mrs. Official Whoeveryouare?  You’re all to blame.  Every single one of you.  It’s not Paulson’s fault, it’s not Pelosi’s fault.  It’s not Bush’s fault.  It’s not the banks fault.  Blame cannot be singularly applied here.  It’s EVERYONE’S fault.

After this bailout fails to pass and everyone’s retirement plans go up in smoke and banks are getting shut down and the stockmarket tanks, the only thing that we hear about is that there’s all kinds of fighting because there are elections coming up and nobody wants to be the guy who makes a boo-boo during an election season.  So the safest thing to do is to not do anything so you can’t be told that you were wrong.

It’s time to re-elect NOBODY.  Let your representative know that you will not be voting for them, no mater what happens.  No matter which way they vote on a bailout or what they do, just let them know that you will not be voting for them.  Take away the burden of re-election by letting them know that whatever happens, it ain’t gonna happen.  Let them know that you’ll be voting for the other guy, whoever he is.  Once people stop worrying about saving their own backsides, maybe they can get back to work fixing things.

The people we elected messed things up.  Get ’em out of here.  Let’s start a movement.

I’m voting for the other guy.  Whoever he is.