Yesterday, my friend Scott said, “100 years ago, we’d all be tried as witches.”  He’s right.

Today, the access that we have to information is mindboggling.  The answer to any question is a simple click away.  Our ability to connect with people is virtually limitless.  We can do things in a few minutes that just ten years ago would have taken days worth of work.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star film Just a few minutes ago, I wanted to know if there was anyway to see the presentations from the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference.  I knew that @scobleizer Shadow Man trailer was there, so I tweeted him my question.  Scoble’s a freak when it comes to social media, so he replied back just a few minutes later with the link.  But what was a bit surprising is that Jason Pontin also replied Two for the Road download with a link–before Scoble did.  Jason is the editor in chief and publisher of the MIT Technology Review.  If anyone knows what’s going on at EmTech, it’s Jason.

Think about the things you can do and the people you can connect with now and how easy it is to do it.  Now think back a few years.  It’s amazing to see the developments in technology that connect us with the world around us.  And even more exciting is to think a few years into the future and think what you’ll be able to do.

For the latest in witchiness, visit for a peek at the broomsticks and potions that we’ll have in a few years.

And in other news, my wife and I are convinced that Tiger Woods is a witch.  There’s simply no other explanation for this: