I figure it’s time to make a small announcement about what I’ve been working on lately.  My co-founder, Jonathan Tarud, and I are starting a company called Neighborsville.  We’re answering the question, “What’s going on in my neighborhood?”  And when you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, who better to ask than your neighbors?  We’re building a neighborhood based social network to do just that.

Friday the 13th movies Where did this all come from?  About a year ago, I started a Ning network for my neighborhood that I called Willow Glen 2.0.  It’s a lame name, I know, but I didn’t expect it would become much of anything.  Well, over 400 neighbors later, it’s a great place for local conversations, finding neighbors with similar interests, recommending businesses or service providers for each other, and sharing community events.  And unlike other walled in neighborhood networks, the conversations that are happening on Willow Glen 2.0 are showing up pretty high on the search engines which makes it a great neighborhood resource for members and non-members alike.  Try doing a search for “Willow Glen fence contractor” or “Willow Glen grout“.  Our hypothesis is that by enabling neighbors to share information with each other, you’ll know more about what’s going on in your neighborhood…which makes your neighborhood a better place to live.

Since we started building Neighborsville, I’ve heard from people in Austin, TX; San Marcos, CA; Annapolis, MD; Woodland Hills, CA; Chattanooga, TN; Chicago, IL and a bunch of other cities nationwide that they’d love to have a neighborhood network as a way to share really local information via the internet.  There are local blogs and big review sites and yellow pages sites and local listing sites out there already, but the information is scattered and they miss the inherent relationships and trust that exists between neighbors.  And that’s the very foundation upon which we’re building Neighborsville.  We’ll provide neighbors with the tools to create, manage, and share the information they think is important about their neighborhood including business recommendations, local conversations and blogs, local news, and community events.

So we’re working hard to get our first few neighborhoods up and running and we should be there soon.  If you’re interested in starting a Neighborsville network for your town or neighborhood, stop by Neighborsville.com and let us know your zip code and email.  We’ll update you when we’ve got something for you.  You can also follow us on the Neighborsville blog.

I’ll post occasional updates here on my blog about what we’ve got going on and some other insights about the local internet.  If you’re really interested in the local internet, you can join our Local 2.0 Room on FriendFeed where a bunch of local geeks post interesting news about the space.

In the meantime, I’m unbelievably excited about getting Neighborsville up and running.  And I hope you’re looking forward to meeting your neighbors.