Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop launched today.  Or yesterday maybe.  But it’s being talked about this morning over on Mashable and TechCrunch and of course, FriendFeed.  It looks like Frienderati is listing the most followed people.

Which got me thinking:  What if all of a sudden, they weren’t the most followed anymore?  Here’s an experiment…

Everyone unfollow everyone on the Frienderati.

If everyone unfollows, they’re not the most popular anymore, are they?  Then what does AllTop do? Rewrite the list?  How many times?  Is there a subjective measure of popular to be accounted for that does not take into account straight follower numbers?

So this has got me thinking about what it means to be popular on line.  Not “famous” online, but really popular.  Is it the size of your following?  Is it some measure of loyalty of your following–click rate for every link you post, maybe?

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What does popular

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mean these days?