If you live outside of Boston or are not a runner, you might have totally missed that Monday was Patriot’s day. Which is cool if you are in Boston. But if you’re a runner who doesn’t live in Boston, you might know it better as the day they run the Boston Marathon. I’ve had friends run the past few, but didn’t know anyone running this one, until I met Dave Fleet.Dave blogged about his training at The Toronto Runner. The thing is that as if it wasn’t enough to be training for Boston, Dave was doing it in Toronto. In the winter. Are you @#$!ing crazy, Dave? Go back inside and sit by the fire. Through @davefleet, we heard all about his tempo runs and his long runs and his injuries and how he was doing it with shoulder height snow berms outside in the freezing weather.He ran a 3:07, which is pretty damn fast. It averages out to a 7:35 mile. For 26.2 miles. If you’re Canadian, that’s 42.16 km. But even more impressive is that he raised $2,300 to help fight breast cancer. My sister in-law is a survivor, so thanks for what you’ve done, Dave. It’s not too late to help raise even more–you can donate here.Congratulations, Dave. Awesome!