I don’t have a picture of him or know his name, but the guys at 10kthings want to find him and give him $100.  But who is he?  For all I know…he could be you.  He’s not me.  I know that much.  All this guy has to do is friend Dave Winget on Facebook.  Bam.  $100.  Easy?It’s a social media experiment.  These guys are trying to see if news of one video can reach the guy they randomly selected through social channels. How are they going to find him?  They’re not.  You are.  And I am.  By doing things like posting this blog post.  Which if you read, hopefully you’ll blog about too.  Eventually, all roads lead back to Dave Winget.How did I find out about it?  I was randomly reading an article on Greg Sterling’s blog.  From there, I clicked a link in his blog roll to go check out Local SEO Guide who had a post called Best Viral Idea I’ve Seen In Ages with a link to this video on YouTube.  And now you’ve seen it here.So Stumble, Digg, Tweet, Note, Blog, Tag, Sphinn, or whatever it to help this random guy get his $100.  Will they ever find him?