Like just about everyone else, I follow Scoble.  Since I also follow a few other folks, Scoble’s musings don’t fill up my timeline the same way they do with a lot of other people’s, so I usually miss most of his Tweets.  However, I’m glad I caught this one.  It was interesting.  Hmmm…that gives me an idea.

Today’s Interesting Person of the Day is Abhilash Ravishankar.  Abhilash is an oil field engineer in Saudi Arabia, a Web 2.0 geek, and a caffeine junky like me. I’m imagining the movie Armageddon where the guys on the rig are all running around yelling and there’s black oil shooting everywhere and years of training is the only thing that controls the chaos and there’s Abhilash updating us all on Twitter from his iPhone while drinking a cup of South Indian Drip coffee.  I imagine that it’s not often like an action movie on the job, but even if it’s not, it sounds very exotic.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II movie

Abhilash, what you do is so different from what most of us in Silicon Valley do everyday, I find it fascinating–even if, in reality, it’s a bit more mundane than the romanticized version I think of when I think of oil fields.  Have fun at the Schlumberger Olympics tonight.  Everyone else, give Abhilash a read here and a follow here.