There’s been this strange business card meme going around lately.  First, Brandflakes blogged about Brian Shalen’s card at SXSW.  And then yesterday, Rick Mahn polled a bunch of folks on How Simple Are You Willing To Go On Your Biz Cards? And in a slightly related story that is sure to rock the social media landscape, Hugh MacLeod, of fame, who draws cartoons on the backs of business cards (there’s the loose tie back to the story), announced that he’s quitting Twitter Star Trek: Generations buy .

And this is all ironic because I just ordered my second set of Moo cards this morning.  I’ve got a new business, a new blog, and a new me (who happens to be wearing pajamas at 9:00 am while blogging right now).  There are three things I love about Moo:

  1. They’re fun to make. I use images from my Flickr account.  Crop them, write some stuff on the back, preview and go.  I usually pick a bunch of images and then cut out the ones that don’t crop well.
  2. Other people love them. Full sized business cards are so 1.0.  Moo cards are small and when you hand one to someone, they flip it over, marvel at the picture of you (or whatever) and they always comment on how cool they are.  Never fails.
  3. They make a statement about you. They say, “I don’t do things the way everyone else does.  I’m different.  And I rock.”

The only real drawback is that Hugh couldn’t draw a cartoon on the back of one.  The other drawback is that they print and ship from London.  But I can get over that.  It just means that I have to delay my instant gratification until April 16th.  I’ll have them in time for my next conference though, which will be the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, April 22-25.  If you’re going, let’s hook up and I’ll give you a cool mini-card.

Lethal Weapon 3 on dvd

Oh, and RIP @gapingvoid.