Dear Seth,You have horrible timing. I just finished writing a blog post and was getting ready to head out and start my day, when, via @sethgodin, I find out that you’ve blogged about building a reputation over time via Twitter. Arrrgh. Now I have to cancel my plans and sit down and respond.You see, I’ve got a beef with the way you use Twitter. Because you don’t use it. I love discovering your posts via Twitter, but Twitter Seth doesn’t follow anyone and as far as I can tell has never sent a message to anyone. It’s exclusively a one way relationship. I called out Twitter Seth on this a while ago here and here. Since then, I found out that it’s not you. Which I actually think is worse because if it’s true, you’ve ceded control of your brand over to someone else.You might think that there’s no damage being done, but I’d argue that there’s a LOT of damage being done. What you’ve got is “Seth Godin,” the relationship marketing guru, with your face and everything, out there amongst an audience that is at the forefront of social media and participatory marketing, and you’re not participating or being social. While I’m sure everyone loves the updates on your blog posts as much as I do, it misses the point.And then when I saw your post this morning about Twitter letting you build up a reputation over time and plan ahead for that sale, I wept. Because what’s happening with “Seth Godin” on Twitter runs completely counter to what you’re talking about on your blog. They are diametrically opposed points of view. On the one hand, Blog Seth says, “Use Twitter to build long term relationships looking toward the future.” On the other hand, Twitter Seth says, “Don’t talk to me because I won’t talk to you. Oh…and go read my blog.”Hopefully, there’s a really simple explanation and I’m way off in the way I’m reading things. I’d love to know if Twitter Seth is you or someone else. And if it’s not you, who is it? And what’s your take on the way that your brand has been co-opted among a key audience for you?I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at @ryankuder on Twitter.Other than that, I love your work, keep it up.Cheers,Ryan