I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes something interesting. Is it because it’s unusual? Timely? Relevant? Funny? All of those things? I don’t really know. I asked on twitter last night and got a few good answers, but nothing really encapsulated the essence of “interesting.” Flickr tries to define interesting here.  I thought about it a while ago here.  It’s hard to tell someone what “interesting” is, but you know it when you see it.So, in the never ending hunt for interesting things, I’m starting a new feature here called the Interesting Person of the Day (I know…that’s the I.P.O.D.  Advance apologies to Apple legal team).  It won’t be every day, but it will be a regular feature, posted sporadically, whenever I find interesting people.  These people may be people I know or people I’ve never met before.  The definition of interesting will frequently change and will always be defined by me however I want.  To help me out though, please feel free to send nominations to IPOD@ryankuder.com or tweet them to me @ryankuder.Alright then.  Are you ready to get started?  Today’s VERY FIRST EVER Interesting Person of the Day is…drum roll…are you feeling it yet?…here we go…drum roll again…The Very First Interesting Person of the Day is Dayngr!  Dayngr runs PR for eMailOurMilitary, a group that sends emails to US Troops serving overseas (follow them @MailOurMilitary).  eMailOurMilitary is also a great case study in how a small business is leveraging social media.  Which is interesting in itself.  But’s what’s really interesting is her Quixotic quest to get in touch with Mark Cuban about a new film he is involved with, Fighting for Life.  I’m not sure about the specifics about what she wants to talk to him about, but Mark, if you’re reading this…drop her a note.