Thanks for coming! You’ve landed on the first ever post on I’ve been casually blogging for quite a while. I started a few years ago on a Yahoo! 360 page (which I’m not even going to link to). Then about a year ago, I created a social network for my neighborhood and blogged there about local things for awhile. Then I started writing occasionally about social media and Local 2.0 The Ghost and the Darkness psp and Twitter. Then something interesting happened.

I got laid off from Yahoo.

And I Twittered my day. And some folks found it interesting. Interesting enough that some people even wrote about it. By that night, it hit the top of Techmeme. And all of a sudden, people started following me on Twitter. Then a few more. And by the end of the day, I’d gone from 87 followers up to around 500. It was a bit overwhelming. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Through a lot of the contacts I made because of my layoff, I started talking to people about social media and how conversations happen and how they spread. And I even managed to help a few people come up with some creative solutions to challenges their companies were facing. I was looking for work the whole time and interviewed with some great companies and met some great people. But I discovered that I wanted to work for myself. And for you.

So this blog represents my move from a casual neighborhood blogger to something more. I plan to write about social media and marketing, people and companies, things I like and things I don’t.

There have been a ton of people who have been really supportive of my decision and seeing as I’m launching on Good People Day, I figured I’d thank several you straight up:

Don Reisinger, for insight on what it’s like to leave a steady paycheck.
Darryl Ohrt, for the straight up on starting out on my own.
Jennifer Leggio, for giving me my first taste of helping solve problems.
John Furrier, for reaching out to me and helping me realize that there’s some demand for what we do.
Jonathan Tarud, for helping me get my blog set up and being an all around good guy.

And my wife…who doesn’t blog, doesn’t tweet, doesn’t Facebook, doesn’t lifecast and doesn’t podcast, but trusts that I know what I’m doing nevertheless.

So, let’s get it going! What’s next?